Vimasco has been supplying log chinking materials to selected builders of fine log homes for over fifteen years. Our chinkings are elastomeric, extremely durable, and decorative materials which are designed to give you years of service with very little attention or maintenance. Our knowledge of manufacturing and quality control come from 45 years of manufacturing other types of elastomeric protective coatings.

This photo shows a typical chinking application, this one is Vimasco's LC-5 Vinyl Acrylic Chinking over the solid wood notch between the logs.

Vimasco offers two different chinking materials, you can select the product most suitable depending on the type of chinking application in your particular log home design. LC-5 is lower in cost and is very tough and durable chinking, but it does not offer maximum flexibility for wide gaps or for a large degree of log movement. SuperChink is a premium product that costs a little more but offers the maximum flexibility and durability in a wide range of weather conditions. Call us at 1(800)624 8288 or email us if you have any chinking questions.

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LC-5 Vinyl Acrylic Decorative Log Chinking | SuperChink Acrylic Premium Log Chinking

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